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This documentation outlines the innovative approach of Ecobonus in promoting sustainable waste management through the integration of cryptocurrency rewards. Our vision is that collective efforts are required to address the environmental crisis we are facing today. We can tackle climate change in many ways, such as planting trees, cleaning the oceans, or using electric vehicles. Recycling waste is another powerful environmental tool that we need to use. Although easy in theory, it still raises problems to people, due to lack of knowledge, or lack or proper resources. We believe that by incentivizing this process with cryptocurrency rewards, it will inspire individuals and communities to actively participate in waste reduction, recycling and overall environmental conservation.

This documentation provides a comprehensive overview of our vision and mission we embark on. We thoroughly present the problem we are facing today, as well as the solution we believe will contribute to saving the planet. Our solution is presented not only for the end customers, but also to other companies who take part in this process and will benefit from using it.

The power of our product comes from combining the need for action in regards to climate change, with the power of decentralization. By introducing a tangible and measurable incentive system through the use of the blockchain technology, we plan to revolutionize the approach to waste management and recycling. We will present all the key features of our DApp, as well as the key features of the Utility Token that will be rewarded to the users.

Join us on this journey towards a greener future, where the power of the blockchain technology and sustainable waste management will converge to create a more environmentally conscious society. Together, we can change the world !

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