Carbon footprint optimisation

Reduce the carbon dioxide you release in the atmosphere with the help of AI !

Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organization or community. There are laws in place that aim at measuring this metric for all people in the coming years, and penalizing those that have a carbon footprint above a certain threshold.

We will not only have ways to increase our carbon footprint, by driving old petrol cars or throwing away waste, but we will also have the option to reduce our carbon footprint by doing actions beneficial to the environment, and recycling is one of them. We will try to provide a system which will measure the amount of waste each person recycles and thus, provide a tangible method of reducing each person's carbon footprint, while in the same time rewarding those people with rewards.

We plan to use AI algorithms to evaluate the behavior of our customers and learn their recycling patterns. Based on those patterns, as well as other relevant information such as majority of recycled waste type, as well as preferred recycle location, it will offer suggestions and remarks to further help our customers recycle in the most optimal way they can.

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