A token suited for everything

The purpose of the ECB Token is to model our ecosystem and give life to it. It will be the motor behind our purpose by representing it and how it evolves over time, with direct correlation to its intrinsic value. The token is an asset that investors are seeking to buy and make profits with it.

ECB Token

Token utility

  • Staking: we plan to deliver a staking platform where you will be able to stake ECB tokens and unlock more benefits by doing so. There will be two main packages that yield custom rewards.

    • Silver package: Staking X amount of ECB tokens will give you a % reward periodically.

    • Gold package: Staking Y amount of ECB tokens, will give you a higher % reward periodically.

  • NFT Marketplace: We plan to have our own NFT marketplace, where we will sell multiple NFT collections. These NFTs represent items or assets your virtual character can own. Owning NFTs will enable you to earn higher rewards when recycling waste at our special location. Buying these NFTs will be possible using ECB tokens.

  • Bin tokenization: Our mission is to have a decentralized ecosystem where anyone can own assets and be rewarded for doing so. If everything goes according yo plan, you will be able to use ECB tokens to buy a % of smart bins, enabling you to receive a greater share of the revenue they generate by selling recycled waste to specialized companies.

  • Ownership packages: ECB tokens can be used by companies to become our official partners and thus, earn additional benefits. We have three package types available:

    • Silver package: A minimum holding of X ECB tokens , together with a minimum of 5 smartbin facilities owned, will grant access to our waste management platform, as well as technical and juridical assistance.

    • Gold package: A minimum holding of Y ECB tokens, together with 10 smartbin facilities, will not only grant access to our waste management platform, technical and juridical assistance, but will also receive help with desigining attractive and personalized smartbins, together with commercial assistance in branding and marketing.

    • Personalized package: More complex business models can opt for a personalized package, which will be discussed with our Analyst Department. However, wning an amount of ECB tokens will be mandatory.

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