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Our Mobile App is the central point of the system in regards to the user experience. We will provide the option to register and have an account, directly linked to your wallet on the blockchain.

One of the first sections that we plan to make available, is a section that presents data about recycling and why is it necessary in our current world. This section has the role of motivating people to recycle by reiterating its importance in the context of the world we live in. Moreover, it will contain clear instructions about how to recycle correctly using our ecosystem. We will try to offer full transparency regarding our partners, how we make sure the recycled waste is actually recycled, and how important is for people to take these actions, not only for the rewards they get, but also for the environment. If everything works how we plan, the team promises to deliver:

  • An interactive dashboard displaying statistics about the user and what/how much waste they have recycled, with all the necessary information for you to have a clear overview of your recycling actions and the tokens you have accumulated. We will also provide the option to create wallets on multiple blockchains, such that you can choose in which stable coin to receive your reward.

  • A Map functionality, where you will be able to see an interactive map displaying all the Ecobonus recycling locations nearby. Therefore, users will have a much easier time finding the best route to the nearest recycling center and save time, all while earning rewards. We plan to open as many Smartbin locations as possible, in the most crowded areas of your city, such that recycling is not a complex task of taking your thrash to a far away place.

  • Phone camera activation system where users can scan QR codes generated by smart bins from our network of physical locations. Our app will be able to distinguish QR codes generated by us, from QR codes generated by other sources. These QR codes contain encoded information about what you have recycled and how much. These data will be automatically converted to Ecobonus Points in-app.

  • A daily exchange rate window where we will show you how each waste type converts to ECB points, which ultimately can be converted to stable coins that are measured in USD. The ECB points are the currency we use to decide the final rewards that you will receive. We plane to update these exchange rates weekly, based on the latest recycling prices our partners from around the world will have.

  • A conversion mechanism, once your earned points are above a certain threshold. We perform our conversion to stable coins because we want to avoid the volatility of any cryptocurrency which might affect you. Moreover, we will do cross-chain development which will allow you to convert ECB points to stable coins on multiple blockchains, thus offer your the freedom to get these rewards on any blockchain you want.

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