Software infrastructure

A platform for your needs

We plan to provide a software infrastructure which can be used by companies to see how much recycled waste we have in our recycling centers and it can serve as the intermediary for companies that want to buy scrap from us. By using an automated system we want to eliminate the need to sign hundreds of papers and talk to multiple people.

By providing an automated system with exact stock and categories of waste, as well as specialized locations from where companies can get the product, we have ambitions to become a game changer in the recycling industry. To develop a healthy ecosystem and to take into consideration the fact that most of recycling companies are more traditional, we will try to offer the option to buy Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that represent real-life assets, directly into our platform. If everything goes according to the plan, our ecosystem will have consistent money that flows into it and we can offer the rewards to end-customers. We will try to deliver the following features for the business management platform:

  • A user-friendly dashboard with all the relevant information regarding current state of the company in relation to the Ecobonus ecosystem, including total waste collected, remaining uncollected waste nearby, a map and clever route optimization shortcut.

  • A map with all the smart bin locations and a clear overview of their contents. They will be able to know exactly, for each smart bin location, how much recycled materials have been gathered and are available to purchase.

  • Real-time notifications in-app that tell you when you must recycle.

  • Real-time route generation using Artificial Intelligence, that will give you the most optimal route between our collection centers, such that you will be able to save time and fuel.

  • NFT marketplace where each NFT has unique attributes and will enhance your experience with our ecosystem.

  • Traceability certificate generation and automatically saving them in the digital marketplace.

  • In-app tracking of the total recycled waste bought from us. We will have a global leaderboard system for this metric and host periodical competitions / giveaways.

We want to offer predefined packages for collection centers that wish to become partners in our network, and a personalized package for entities that have a more complex business model.

  1. Silver:

    • Minimum holding of X ECB tokens.

    • A minimum of 5 smart bins.

    • Digitalization: access to our waste management platform.

    • Technical and Juridical assistance.

    • Ecobonus will perceive a % tax from the selling of waste and traceability certificates.

  2. Gold

    • A minimum holding of Y ECB tokens.

    • A minimum of 10 smart bins.

    • Help with designing an attractive and personalized smart collection center.

    • Digitalization: access to our waste management platform.

    • Technical and Juridical assistance.

    • Commercial assistance: branding, marketing etc.

    • Ecobonus will perceive a % tax - smaller than in the Silver package - from the selling of waste and traceability certificates.

  3. Personalized

    • Details will be discussed together with Ecobonus Business Analyst Department.

The packages' details are not final and might be subject to change.

The feature list is not final and might be subject to changes. We suggest you pay attention to our website.

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