Amjad Alkamyani

Chief Marketing Officer

Introducing Amjad Alkamyani (OMAN), our Chief Marketing Officer. With a solid educational background in business administration, Amjad brings a wealth of expertise in marketing and accounting. His extensive experience in these areas has equipped him with valuable skills and knowledge that contribute to the success of our organization. Beyond his professional achievements, Amjad is a seasoned crypto enthusiast who has been deeply engaged in the ever-evolving crypto landscape for years.

What sets Amjad apart is his entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to his role at Ecobonus, he has founded two successful local businesses. One venture focuses on marketing and production, while the other is a restaurant, both showcasing his drive and ability to bring ideas to life. Furthermore, Amjad plays a pivotal role in his family's business, overseeing marketing and administration activities. He is currently executing the marketing plan for extending his businesses in the Middle East. This multifaceted experience has allowed him to develop a well-rounded perspective on business operations.

Outside of work, Amjad's passion for exploration and connecting with diverse cultures shines through. He is an avid traveler who finds joy in discovering new destinations and building meaningful connections along the way. Amjad's collaborative nature and dedication to collective success make him an excellent team player. He is always eager to collaborate, leveraging his expertise and entrepreneurial mindset to contribute to the growth and development of Ecobonus.