Core Values

The Ecobonus principles

Force for the good

We want to be a force for the good of our planet. We strive to bring positive changes and influence as many people as possible to take action and do what we need to do.


We believe in our goals and in the people that embark on this mission with us. We also believe that we are all in this together and if you join us, you can be sure that everything we do is for your interest too.


We want to offer full transparency about all our actions and plans. Everything we do or change, is public and will be presented to the community. We will offer as much access as possible to our milestones, progress, and future plans.


We plan to innovate and bring together technologies and concepts in ways that were not considered possible. By combining the blockchain technology with recycling actions, we have created a complex ecosystem that sustains itself and is able to offer people micro-transactions directly into their wallets.

Realistic expectations

We have realistic expectations about what we do and what we want to achieve. We do not believe in fairytales and we know that success requires a clear picture of the environment you are in. Our roadmap is public and is made based on realistic expectations of what we can achieve.


We are not a project that wants to do a big launch or provide fake plans, just to then run away with the money on some island. We are in this for the long run and will reinvest almost all of the money back into the company, allowing it to grow and expand.

Grand plans

We have a big vision and clear mind, and want to conquer the world and offer to anyone the opportunity to get rewarded for recycling and contributing to saving the planet. We will not settle for less and do everything we can to achieve our goal.

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