Ecobonus company

Project Overview

Ecobonus is a collective environmental remediation project. It aims to utilize the power of blockchain to actively protect the environment. Although there are several societies / NGOs that carry out environmental protection activities, there are very few activists. Our project aims to turn every person into an environmental activist - a person whose job is to protect the world. The DApp will not only motivate people to become activists, but also incentivize their positive actions with coins. Maybe in the near future, some people might live exclusively from this activity, collecting waste in their name and handing it over to recyclers for Ecobonus rewards.


Recycling is possible by preventing waste materials from reaching the soil or water, by handing it over to a recycler or collection point. One of the most dangerous material for the environment and oceans, is plastic, due to its very slowly degradation. This results in long time water pollution. The Telegraph, a popular British publication, headlines that fish have begun to prefer microplastics - materials resulted from plastic waste in oceans - instead of plankton.

Our current environmental context has shown us that pollution on earth has passed the so called no-return point. It is our duty to act and change the world for the better, because no one else will do it for us.

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