Smart Bins

A oasis of sorted waste

We will provide smart bins in different locations which people will recycle waste at them and be rewarded for it. But how can this fact help companies?

First of all, how are these Smartbin facilities going to work ? We plan to have a central unit which will also have a user interface, where people can interact with the system and see clearly what they have to do to recycle correctly and earn their rewards. This central unit will most likely be linked to the other smart bins, where each corresponds to a specific waste type. Then, if everything goes according to our plan, the following steps will occur:

  1. You place the waste you want to recycle in the main unit.

  2. The main unit will analyze the waste you have put there, using smart sensors, video technology, and complex AI algorithms.

  3. The analysis will result in labeling your waste not only with the appropriate waste type, but also determine its weight.

  4. The central unit takes your waste and throws it to the bin which stores that kind of materials.

  5. Using the analysis results, it will compute how many ECB points the person has earned.

  6. The person will be able to scan this information which will be encoded in a QR code, directly from our mobile application.

  7. Then, the newly earned points will be available in the user's account.

In case our plans come to fruition, our infrastructure will provide recycled waste, thus providing traceability to the items. Companies can buy sorted waste from us and take it further in the recycling process. We plan that our smart bin infrastructure will offer clear guidelines and instructions regarding how to recycle correctly. Moreover, they will have smart sensors which will signal when they are, or are about to be full, such that companies with vehicles nearby can come and collect. If a company takes action when a smart bin is full, and comes to empty it, will receive extra points in our platform.

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