Rares Roca

Senior Software Engineer

Hello, I'm Rares Roca (RO), a senior full-stack software engineer with a wealth of experience in web development. Proficient in technologies like Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, PostgreSQL, AWS, and Docker, I have a strong track record of delivering robust and scalable applications. As a WEB3 developer, I have actively contributed to the success of two NFT startups, leveraging my expertise in blockchain and decentralized technologies. Alongside my work in the blockchain space, I have also gained valuable experience in domains such as fitness applications and healthcare. Beyond my professional pursuits, I am deeply passionate about recycling and saving the planet, and I actively promote sustainable practices. I am a dedicated team player, always ready to collaborate and contribute my skills to achieve common goals.

At EcoBonus, Rares will use his software engineering skills to implement all the technology stacks we need and integrate them in an efficient manner, all while delivering the best user experience in the DApp.