The Problem

Solving novel problems require novel solutions

The current state of waste management poses a significant challenge in the context of ongoing climate crisis. Our primary goal, set by the Paris Agreement, to limit the increase in global average temperatures to below 2 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels, looks difficult to reach, especially due to insufficient recycling practices and improper waste disposal. We believe that having clear rewarding schemes for people who recycle their waste is imperative in solving this issue.

Traditionally, rewarding users for recycling through the banking system and web2 - traditional web infrastructure - poses several difficulties:

  • The banking system involves complex procedures, transactions fees and centralized control, making it less suitable for micro-rewards and frequent transactions. The associated administrative overhead costs can greatly limit the scalability of such a system.

  • Centralized control might introduce concerns regarding transparency, security breaches, and the potential for misuse of user data. Moreover, it might shift the focus from the end user, to the profit and well-being of the banking organizations.

We believe that we have found a better solution that leverages the latest technologies and can solve the problems described here.