Dan Mitrea

Head of Blockchain Development

Meet Dan Mitrea (RO), an accomplished professional who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team in the field of Blockchain and Software. Currently pursuing a PhD in Decentralized Energy Markets and Blockchain Privacy, Dan Mitrea is at the forefront of groundbreaking research and innovation in the field. He has a portfolio of seven research articles focusing on the intersection of blockchain, energy markets, and privacy. Alongside academic pursuits, Dan Mitrea serves as a teaching assistant at a prestigious university, nurturing the next generation of talents.

Besides working as a research assistant for 5 years, learning and developing a palette of technologies, including backend and web development integrated with Blockchain, Dan Mitrea has also played pivotal roles in various NFT and Blockchain startups, leveraging their expertise to deploy smart contracts that have generated over 1 million dollars.

At EcoBonus, Dan Mitrea is determined to use his hard earned skills to push blockchain to the masses and spread the utility of this emerging technology. Combining academic rigor, practical experience, and an entrepreneurial spirit, Dan Mitrea is a driving force behind our company's success in the realm of blockchain technology, not only at implementing all the solutions and integrating them together, but also in finding the best ways to present and advertise the ideas in an academic manner.