Risk and Challenges

Security vulnerabilities

We are aware that blockchain is a public network where all the information is transparent. By registering sensitive information about our customers or about companies and their traceability certificates, attackers might infer private information about people or companies. We need to store on the blockchain only certain information that cannot lead to attacks, and also to employ specific encryption techniques to our data.

Laws regarding recycling

Since we are a company that combines technology with real-life application, as well as companies that perform recycling actions, we need to keep up to date with all the laws and make sure our infrastructure and operation system is well suited for the latest laws and regulations.

Crypto regulations

We know that the cryptocurrency space is a new environment and institutions want to put new laws in place, especially to reduce scammers and offer people a safe environment. We are a serious company that does all the necessary steps to act in legality. Moreover, our team of lawyers reads all the new data and news, and are always up to date with new changes.

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